Monday, April 24, 2006

w.bloggar : a freeware blogging client

It turns out that there are quite a few blogging clients out there. BlogJet is just one of them. And whereas BlogJet expects payment, others, such as w.bloggar, are free (although w.bloggar will accept donations).

Why use a blogging client instead of a web interface when you blog? The client offers some convenient features, such as multiple posting. The main advantage, however, is that the posts one composes in a blogging client may be saved locally, on one's computer. Thus, one can compose one's blog entries offline, to post later, or just keep an archive of blog posts as a backup.

Some may think Thingamablog is even better. If one has a web host that supports FTP, one can use Thingamablog to set up a self-contained weblog, complete with RSS feed (feeds, actually, since it can create a separate feeds for separate categories of entry). I know I've mentioned Thingamablog before, but it's one free, cross platform blogging tool news of which bears repeating!