Friday, April 14, 2006

Closet Podcast

While attending the GPACW Conference at NDSU, I attended a workshop on podcasting run by Nem, host of the geek (I mean techie) podcast, Geek Muse. Nem gave the participants in the workshop some unorthodox advice for making a voice recording with minimal background noise. He advised us to make the recording while sitting in a closet. That way, he said, the clothes hanging around us would act as acoustical buffers.

Of course, I couldn't wait to try it out .

While recording myself talking in a closet, I also mentioned Dr. B's grading macros (also known as active rubrics), so I thought I should post a link to those again. LINK!


Nem said...

Hey Dan - next time you go into the closet to record, you might want to bring a light with you and get a little more comfortable. I can tell that once you got into the closet and closed the door, you started to speak more softly, as many people do when they're sitting in the dark in a closet. ;-)

Next time, take a light with you and remember to speak in your normal voice. You'll get much more impressive results.

Dan said...

Nice thought, Nem. Thanks!
Now all I need is some room in my closet for that light.