Saturday, March 18, 2006

Wizz Newsreader for Firefox

There's a new aggregator in town.

Wizz RSS 2.1.0 Newsreader
is an RSS aggregator extension for Firefox.

It's pretty darn slick, works better than the on board aggregator built into Internet Explorer 7 (Wizz has more convenient buttons and a more detailed file structure for feeds), and when combined with Writely or a wiki completes the kind of online learning environment Stephen Downes was talking about before he went on hiatus.

The learning evironment Downes envisions combines areas for scanning and downloading aggregated content and other areas for producing and publishing new content (as one might do in a wiki or blogging program).

I believe, seeing that Firefox + aggregator + web based productivity and social networking tools may now be orgainized in a single interfact, we may say such an evironment has arrived.

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