Thursday, March 16, 2006

Line Language

a drawing of a boy

Since I picked it up about two years ago, drawing remains one of my favorite hobbies. At first, it excited me just to see if my drawing in any way resembled what I was trying to draw. Now I think about the lines. I think about what it takes to bring the lines to life. I enjoy thinking about what makes one line leap while another lies on the page or screen like a dessicated slug.

Another favorite hobby I have is that of sensing analogies between drawing and writing. When I did the drawing above I thought of the lines and how much they seemed like sentences. (Bear with me, now.) Like a line, a sentence may be lively or flat. The words in a sentence may be strung side by side (an unvarying line), or they may undulate and twist like a wavy line of varying width. When lines of text work together they give writing suggestive shapes.

When a drawing when the writing comes to life one feels a presence in the room.

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Art Guy said...

Ah, you've made the connection. Perfect :)

(And for the record - my students often ask whey they have to write things in art class.)