Monday, March 06, 2006

Podcasting Essentials

If you only had an hour to start teachers podcasting, what would you tell them?

This is the question I face. This month I will give a presentation on podcasting to an audience of English teachers. I want to keep the presentation simple and straightforward, yet I also want it to stand as a useful introduction to podcasting.

I plan to talk about PodProducer, Audacity, microphones, the Iriver, ID3 tags, RSS feeds (including ITunes compatability), Aggregators, Podcatchers, and podcast pedagogy.

Have I missed anything?


Michael said...

promotions? how to get your podcast known if you're going that direction and want to get a wider audience.

Dan said...

Good idea.

I could advise podcasting teachers to register with EPN,, Podcast Alley, and

Other suggestions?

Robert Palmer said...

I don't know if you have come across Wimpy Player? This combination of a php script and some flash enables streaming of any MP3 podcast from any server.

It's worth a look

Dan said...

XSPF player does pretty much the same thing as wimpyplayer. XSPF player is free.

Anonymous said...

I recently picked up Podcasting Pocket Guide by Kirk McElhearn et al (under $10. It provides a nice introduction

I came across this software at Best Buy.

Educause also has good materials on podcasting including podcasts and concise statements

The most important thing is not the sources, but ideas about how use of podcasting would be helpful.

regards, cyberian

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan: I had rather expected that this was the first of several postings on the topic. so how is the preparation going and when is the presentation?

Dan said...

I'll be giving my podcasting presentation this Friday. Watch for a follow up entry before then (likely on Thursday), along with a the handout I'll give to the audience.

Anonymous said...

so will it be a print or audio handout, or perhaps both?

also, given your interest in Wikis, do you plan to wikize (wiki-ize) the group for subsequent conversations or sharing their podcasting efforts?

And most importantly, how did (do) you get the courage to start talking into the microphone the first time. and does it get any easier?