Saturday, March 04, 2006


Reconstructing this blog's sidebar in the wake of the Traksy debacle, I've added a feature I call "blasts."

Blasts are shorter than regular blog entries. Regular blog entries tend to take the form of short essays. Blasts, on the other hand, are comparable to postit notes or items in an outline.

Blasts are not my idea. But I have implemented them in a different way. My blasts come from another weblog,, via that blog's atom feed embedded in the template of this blog with a script from Feed2JS.

Blasts are just quick thoughts too short for an essay, but they pack enough oomph to provoke thought or action.

I agree with the outliner enthusiasts who suggest that, in the future, blogging software should support both the more usual, essay style entry and outline style entries as well.

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