Sunday, June 18, 2006

Immersed in My Personal Learning Environment

My very own "PLE"

I'm doing research with my Flockish Firefox browser.

I'm working on an answer to Dean's question about 1:1 laptop initiatives in schools.

It's great. There's no question: my browser has become a true personal learning evironment (screenshot).

I'm reading scholarly articles (from my university's list of subsription databases), saving selections (with citation info, of course), writing notes on what I'm reading, and organizing all of it inside the ScrapBook extension's file tree to be synthezised into my answer to Dean.

For the first time, all of it makes sense. The email, the chat, the blogging, the photosharing, the personal knowledge management tools, the aggregation, the Writely and the wikis -- all of it comes together in the personal learning environment.

This is so sweet!

I wonder if I can put it on a USB Flash drive by using something like this. If so, we might be talking about, instead of one laptop per student, one Flash drive per student.

Update: Yes, I was able to do that. And while I was at it, I discovered that PortableApps now offers a portable GIMP image editor.

This means I can now give my personal learning environment to others, already set up!

I'll even throw in the OPML Editor for good measure!

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