Thursday, May 11, 2006

Firefox Supports SVG

It seems that, very quietly while I wasn't looking, Firefox has introduced support for SVG files. Before this, if one wanted to view SVG files in a web browser, one had to use Internet Explorer and the Adobe SVG Viewer plugin. At least that was the most popular way, as far as I know. (Today I found out the Opera browser also supports SVG. Who knew?)

This FAQ explains the nature and extent of Firefox's support of SVG.

And this is a guide for implementing SVG images in web pages.


Jeff Schiller said...

I don't know how quiet it was. People interested in SVG were well aware and trumpetting it from the hills when it happened last year ;)

Also, in case you are not aware, Opera 8.0 has also supported SVG-Tiny for some time and Opera 9 (currently in Beta) has stepped up their level of SVG support BIG TIME. Opera 9 comes close to rivalling Adobe's SVG plugin in terms of supported functionality. When Opera 9 is released this year it will be the native SVG implementation to beat (Firefox 3 might be able to compete but that will be released next year).

In other news, Safari (Mac browser) is currently working on SVG (available in the nightly builds). Konqueror (Linux browser) also has KSVG plugin support.

Dan said...

In that case . . .

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Anonymous said...

Funny how all these features Opera always seems to support first? I don't get why more people do not recommend Opera in the first place?

As for Firefox, get the facts before this becomes another Myth.

Dan said...

Browser support for SVG 1.1 may be performed with this "test suite" of SVG images.