Saturday, February 18, 2006

They liked us! They really liked us!

see the big picture

Although they may look disenchanted, these people actually seemed quite interested in a presentation I and three of my colleagues made today at the Collaboration Conference in Minneapolis. Our early morning (8:00 am) presentation was about our use of computer technology in the classroom. Many who heard the presentation approached us afterward for more info. We were gratified by their response and hope this event marks the beginning of new collaborations!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan. I was a member of this audience. I had my reservations about attending this conference and did so largely as a result of persuasion by one of IT folk.

I found the keynote address and your session very valuable. I was rather surprised to see your title--didn't you know there would be interest in your topic? It was really nice to get to play with the tablet pcs, although you should have sent them home with the audience!?

I got a number of ideas from the session and plan to pursue them. I have looked at your blog on and off and more thoroughly today [some down time finally]. In addition, I have looked at Justin's site and plan to follow up the macro idea. Also, gotta find some of that 184!

You seem to be doing more of these presentations. I recommend that you follow your own strategy for student assignments and have a handout that has a picture and and some information about each of your presenters (including blog sites). In addition, you probably would have more of the audience would be checking out this blog.

take care, cyberian

Dan said...

Rodger, that. :)