Sunday, February 12, 2006

LINUX Saves the Day!

After much experimentation, I have reached the following conclusions.

Conclusion 1:

It is possible to have a satisfactory OS experience with itty bitty versions of the LINUX operating system.

Conclusion II:

In my humble opinion (IMHO), of the versions I tried (Puppy LINUX, Damn Small Linux, and KNOPPIX) KNOPPIX provided the most satisfactory experience. Damn Small LINUX came in a close second (I like the feature called MyDSL which allows the user to conveniently download and run additional applications, such as Audacity, Gimp, and AbiWord).

Conclusion III:

The best way to burn one of these images (iso files) is with a little, free program called “Burn CDCC.”

Conclusion IV:

Even though I admire Damn Small LINUX's 50mb slimness, I'll stick with KNOPPIX because it comes with OpenOffice and did a better job of detecting the peripherals on my limping, six year old desktop PC.

Conclusion V:

Almost all my work can be conducted through a web browser and stored server side. I almost don't need full blown desktop PC anymore.

Conclusion VI:

LINUX rocks. It brought my old PC back to life. Thank you, LINUX Community!


Damn Small Linux


Puppy Linux


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