Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Interview With An English Major

Meet Abbey, a current English Major and a member of my writing class. In our interview , Abbey tells me why she chose to become an English major, what keeps her coming back to class, and how she believes her experience as an English major will serve her in the future.


P. Block said...

I like the idea of interviewing the majors. In an effort to get more students interested in the Liberal Arts/English offerings here at DSU, the current students are the best ambassadors. If a gen ed student listens to an enthusiastic interview with one of the majors, it may be the push needed to bring them over from the dark side.

P. Block said...

Dr. Weinstein,

Have you ever thought of creating a podcast of your lectures? Since you do a bit of work with podcasts, maybe the use of that technology could help students improve their marks? I suppose that a class that is not focused on factual information, such as a computer class or science class, would have less use for the podcast as a study aid, but it could be a good resouce for students. I read an interesting article about podcasting lecutres at: http://www.nynewsday.com/entertainment/ny-chipodcast1020,0,1244163.story?coll=nyc-enthome-headlines
You may find it interesting as well.

John said...

Dan, one of the things I noticed in the interview with the student is Abbey's surprising interest in working with prison inmates. I was impressed with her interest in doing good for others and the importance she places on education as a way of helping people avoid lives of hardship. Good for Abbey! Thanks for sharing her thoughts with us.