Monday, October 10, 2005


If you would like a dead-simple, lightweight word processor (no bells, no whistles, just something with which to write that term paper) and you would like it to be free, allow me to recommend AbiWord.



Hello! I'm a teacher blogger and I do podcasting too.

I hope we can learn from each other. Please feel free to exchange thoughts with us regarding the ideas I present in my entries. I hope you won't get intimidated by the commenters speaking in my native language (I am a Filipino by the way). You're always welcome to visit my blog.

Dan said...

I'll do my best!

J. Blessinger said...

Dan! Why can't I comment on every post? Some of your posts don't offer me the "comment" link. Don't censor me. Who do you think you are, Yahoo!? Show your students that last sentence, so they can see the one instance in which one can have a question mark immediately preceded by an exclamation point.