Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Art Effect

Danny Gregory, author of several good books on art and creativity has been conducting a survey. Gregory wants to know how making art at a professional level has influenced the ways creative professionals think and be.

In my case, drawing has become a means of meditation and relaxation. I also use drawings to prompt my memory. However, I still seem to think in words more than through images (is my choice of preposition there - in words vs through images - significant?). I still tend to draw from writing rather than write from drawing. Although, I have been playing with the idea of writing more cinematically. Just this morning, as I drove my car pool around the last corner of our commute and slipped my car into its berth in front of my academic building, I was thinking it might be useful to try thinking in movies, in moving images, rather than words. That I think I could do. That would be like daydreaming.

Oh. The image of the pepper shaker. I drew it in the margin of a textbook I'm using this semester. It's an outgrowth of my growing doodling habit. In the end, it might be doodling that gets me to think through images.

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