Monday, November 07, 2005


Dave Winer brings us another idea for organizing a conference. He calls it "hypercamp."

Here's how Dave describes it:

It's not a BloggerCon, not an unconference, but it's not your normal panel-speaker-audience thing either.

It's over quickly, in twelve hours starting at 10AM and ending with a 10PM cocktail party, and maybe dancing.

It's organized, not free-form, there is a schedule, a grid, but instead of people going into the hallway to converse it's all in one big room with the conversation at the center, and lots (I mean lots) of Internet connections.

I'm not sure it's the perfect configuration for a classroom, but who knows? I need to mull it over . . .

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Harold J. Johnson said...

That's the craziest sh*t I ever heard...I like it.